Skyrocketing Defoamer Costs

Silicone prices have been going through the roof. They have jumped in excess of $1.00 per pound and that has caused many manufacturers that produce these defoamer products for food and industrial use to increase their costs to the end user. This means that prices for defoamers that you would normally purchase by the pail, drum, or tote will increase significantly. The pricing increase does not seem to have a limit in fact they are predicting costs may rise
from 5 – 25% by the end of the increase as you can see by these recent posts:


ChemFree DeFoam offers an alternative to these ever increasing defoamer costs. No more purchases of defoamer, recycling drums and totes, or freight costs. ChemFree DeFoam also provides a green solution by using fresh or recycled water to spray and wet foam. ChemFree can control and eliminate any type of surface foam issue.

If you want an innovative solution to skyrocketing defoamer costs, give us a call or e-mail us. We would like to come into your plant and showcase our technology. Let us prove that our system works and show you the savings that you could receive today.

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