Have you considered the extra costs of using defoamer in your plant?

Yes, I know it may be the cost of doing business now, but if you implement the ChemFree DeFoam system you may be able to toss these out.

Supply Line Management Benefits

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    No price increases on defoamers

  • No shipping issues or hassles with Customs
  • No delays in defoamer shipments
  • No chemical storage issues
  • No logistics, warehousing, or transportation costs

Production Benefits

  • ChemFree is “Green” technology
  • No bucket brigades of defoamer
  • Operators concentrate on production and do not foam
  • No pumps, manifolds, tote stands, mixing equipment, poly lines, drums, or totes
  • No more maintenance or down time because of the defoamer application system
  • Natural organic products produced
  • No more recycling of totes and drums or the use of forklifts

Food Safety

  • No FDA, CFIA, Kosher, or Passover scrutiny or certifications required
  • No seals or safety measures needed with the ChemFree DeFoam system
  • No defoamer spills, slippery floors, or OSHA fines
  • No more defoamer left on the products

All of these areas are important to any type of plant.  Imagine eliminating these costs and putting them back into the company.  When a vendor sells you a drum or a tote, think about all of the other hidden costs associated with using that product.  Implementing the ChemFree DeFoam technology will help increase profitability and is easily installed without effecting production.

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