Frequently Asked Questions

You claim that ChemFree will significantly reduce our annual defoaming chemical usage. Is that really true?

In a word, yes. Our patented Water Diffusion System WDT™ itself is 100% mechanical, but defoamer may still need to be added to some dosing points to achieve the desired results.

What is this Water Diffusion Technology WDT™ System?

It is the only PROVEN DEFOAMING SOLUTION that significantly reduces the need for defoaming chemicals in your process, resulting in dramatic and sustainable annual savings. The ChemFree WDT™ system is a patented design of equipment that is installed onsite, has very low capital and operational costs and is virtually maintenance free.

So you’re telling me that my years and years of buying defoaming chemicals are over?

Not quite, but close. As a full-service provider, we are experts in best defoamer practices and related chemicals and integrate all aspects for optimum performance for the minimal defoaming chemicals that will still be required for your process. But the bottom line is that ChemFree will significantly reduce your defoaming chemical usage.

So a near chemical free solution that drastically reduces / eliminates my monthly costs for defoaming chemicals – what is my cost for all of this? Am I going to be paying a premium for this chemical free solution?

To the contrary, your costs are guaranteed to go down. The system is offered in a lease/service agreement where you are guaranteed to see savings from day one. In other words, YOUR ANNUAL OPERATING COSTS WILL BE SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED even after factoring in the cost of the ChemFree solution!

Is there any impact on my water usage?

As a part of our service, we conduct an in-depth review of your current system including existing sprays that you have in place and make recommendations to minimize any impact, and in some cases, even reduce water usage. Additional water cost savings are realized with a ChemFree duty cycle system.

Are there any other fees that need to be factored in? 

No – we install and own the equipment, all of which is covered under the annual lease / service fees.

Does the permanent installation require any downtime?

Optimum time to install is when your system is down for routine maintenance. Our experience is this is usually two days, which is more than enough time for us to install most, if not all of the system. Any remaining issues are easily addressed while the system is operational.

What happens if for whatever reason, I choose to stop using this technology?

You are only obligated for years 1 thru 3. After that, your only responsibility is to issue a Notice of Cancellation that acknowledges that (1) you will no longer be using the equipment for defoaming purposes and (2) reminds you of your confidentiality obligation. We will then come on site to dismantle the WDT™ System.

What kind of post installation maintenance and support can I expect?

One of the great benefits of this system is that it is as close to a ‘plug & play’ solution as you can get. You will be provided a WDT™ User Manual that is customized for your installation. For extra peace of mind, your annual license fee includes 1 annual site visit.

Ok, you’ve got my attention – how do we see this system in action?

The next step is to install a pilot system at your site at one or more dosing areas to prove out the system’s attributes.  Note – this pilot system is a stainless-steel system that for all practical purposes is the permanent system.

Seeing is Believing!