We Discovered a Safer, Less Costly
Foam Control Solution
A Sustainable Foam Control Solution
That Dramatically lowers Chemical Usage and Cost

The ChemFree Advantage:


Less Chemicals. Safer Foam Control.

Our solution is flexible and quickly adaptable to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of the
ChemFree System

  • Reduce or totally eliminate cost of expensive defoaming chemicals
  • Eliminate unwanted chemicals from food processing
  • A virtually maintenance-free solution
  • Lower operating costs
  • Installed without affecting production

Virtually a
Maintenance-Free Solution

  • NO MORE defoamer delivery systems
  • NO MORE maintenance of delivery systems
  • NO MORE adjustment of defoamer rates
  • NO MORE clean up foam overflows and residue
  • NO MORE tote handling and storage
  • NO MORE Supply Chain Management

ChemFree has developed an innovative, patented foam control solution that dramatically reduces the need for anti-foaming chemicals.


What Our Customers Are Saying…

  • “We recently installed a ChemFree system at one of our locations. The results were well beyond our expectations as we eliminated chemical defoamers and a huge cost. We are now working with ChemFree for installations at our other locations. A great solution.”

    Jeffrey Fuhrman Utz Quality Foods, Inc.
  • ChemFree has figured it out. Our ChemFree system has been working flawlessly since the day it was installed. We are able to eliminate all de-foamer use from our processing line.

    Greg Krysiak Wachusett Potato Chip Co.
  • “The ability of the ChemFree system to control foam growth is impressive. This equipment is clearly the most effective non-chemical de-foaming/de-gassing system we have seen.”

    Michael Currier Performance Chemicals, LLC
  • "Having seen this equipment in operation, it is without question a very effective foam remediation system."

    Erica Zimolzak ProChem, Inc.
  • The elimination of defoaming agents is a major goal across the entire food processing industry. To date, the ChemFree DeFoam system is the most successful alternative that we have seen.

    Dwight Arbeau McCain Foods (Canada)


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