ChemFree Foam Control: An Integral Part of your Corporate Sustainability Plan

ChemFree has discovered a foam control solution that dramatically reduces chemical requirements while reducing costs and improving product safety, It’s the first foam control solution proven to enhance Corporate Sustainability initiatives. Chemfree’s patented solution recognizes that foam generation in processing facilities needs to be considered as a complete system rather than a series of isolated foaming events. This is true both for dynamic moving foam systems as well as for more confined areas, such as in holding tanks. That's why the ChemFree solution is based on the dynamic relationships among various parameters that affect your overall foam environment. Our total approach to foam control means a more sustainable future for you, your customers, and the environment.

The ChemFree 4-Step Process: A Greener Way to Reduce Defoaming Costs.

The ChemFree 4-step process is a safer, greener way to reduce your foam control management costs. There is no impact on production during the execution of our 4-Step process. The production line continues its normal operation through the entire process, from the initial analysis through the installation of the permanent system.

Step 1 - Analysis

ChemFree experts do an on-site study of the actual foam creation. This includes the observation of the entrained air dynamics, how and where the foam is being generated, the foam flow, the foam growth, and the relationship of the foaming conditions to the facility infrastructure. This study includes a review of your physical infrastructure, operations and procedures, and analysis of the types and quantities of defoamers used.

Step 2 - Design

Based on the analysis described in Step 1, ChemFree, using their patented WDT™ technology as the core, develops a comprehensive custom foam-suppression system that marries best practices and possibly some minor infrastructure modifications designed to meet the specific needs of our customer. This initial design incorporates the selection of ChemFree nozzle types, their location, orientation, and the associated mechanical linkages.

Step 3 - Evaluation System

ChemFree installs a pilot system. The only requirement of the customer is to provide a water connection. ChemFree supplies and installs all of the other hardware, which includes the water transport conduits, nozzles, orientation adapters, and all necessary attachment hardware. The pilot system is then evaluated over a mutually agreed upon trial period.

Step 4 - Installation

After the completion of trial period, the evaluation system is replaced with a custom-fabricated permanent stainless steel foam-suppression system. The result is an optimized system at significant savings using substantially less chemicals, and in some cases, no chemicals at all.

Benefits of the ChemFree System

Cost Friendly

  • Reduce or totally eliminate cost of expensive defoaming chemicals
  • Easily Installed without affecting production
  • Requires no floor space
  • Totally passive system...requires no electrical power
  • Eliminates the use of chemical totes and associated costs including freight, storage, and removal

Environmentally Friendly

  • GREEN initiatives – Reduce or eliminate processing chemicals used
  • Supports food industry initiative to eliminate trans-fats and/or silicone-based chemicals
  • Eliminates potential bacterial contamination from defoamer

Human Resource Friendly

  • Virtually a Maintenance-Free Solution

- NO MORE defoamer delivery systems

- NO MORE maintenance of delivery systems

- NO MORE adjustment of defoamer rates

- NO MORE clean up of slippery foam overflows and residue

- NO MORE tote handling and storage

- NO MORE Supply Chain Management


The price for a ChemFree System is based on the extent of the installation and on the chemical defoamer cost savings.

You are used to a world where you order defoamer, stock it, use it and reorder it on a continuous basis. With the Water Diffusion Technology WDT® system, this all goes away. You are no longer buying a product - you are licensing a technology where you pay a fee once a year* - no more ordering, stocking, applying and reordering.

As for the cost - each proposal is based on an on-site analysis of what is needed, but be assured that the savings will be significant.

A dramatic reduction or complete elimination of defoaming chemicals at significant cost savings and reduced workload - what’s the catch? As we keep saying - Seeing is believing!

*Fabrication fees in year 1 are in addition to license fee.

We would welcome the opportunity to install a demo of this system for you to touch and feel – just give us a call!

Seeing is Believing

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