Frequently Asked Questions

What is the product that you are selling?

We are not selling a product – we are licensing a technology.

Ok, so what is the technology that you are licensing?

It is the first and only CHEMICAL FREE SOLUTION (think green!) to the foaming headaches inherent in many manufacturing and processing facilities.

How does this technology work?

It is a patent pending design for equipment that is installed onsite, has very low capital and operational costs and is virtually maintenance free.

How was this technology developed?

The technology was developed over a cumulative 15+ year period. The research and development was supported by private funding as well as from an SBIR award received from the Department of Agriculture.

So you’re telling me that my years and years of buying defoaming chemicals are over?

In a word, yes. It is possible that there may be a few minor inaccessible areas where the equipment can’t be installed.

Can you explain the license fee?

At the expense of sounding a bit grandiose, this is a revolutionary method that replaces a very traditional solution. You are replacing product (chemicals) with technology. Product is sold by way of purchase orders; technology is sold by way of license agreements.

Think of buying computer software – you are not paying for anything physical per se, but for the years of work and creative talent that went into developing that software, otherwise known as Intellectual Property (IP).

So do I own the equipment?

Yes, you own the equipment, but you do not own the design of the equipment which we will supply to either your fabricators or ours. We will simply issue a license renewal every year and as long as the solution is in use, we have no doubt you will renew it.

What happens if for whatever reason, I choose to stop the use of this equipment?

You are only obligated for years 1 and 2. After that, your only responsibility is to issue a Notice of Cancellation that acknowledges that (1) you will no longer be using the equipment for defoaming purposes and (2) reminds you of your confidentiality obligation.

What if I need assistance after installation?

Your annual license fee includes 1 annual site visit if needed. You will only be responsible for our travel costs. This does not include any engineering changes or modifications that are a result of changes within your facility.